Friday, 27 March 2015

The Season is starting!

This Sunday, March 29th, marks the start of Semana Santa 2015 and thus of... summer! 

Summer? Aren't there 4 seasons in Andalusia too? Yes, there are - and still people mainly divide the year into Summer and Winter only. 

For these 2 periods come with a remarkable and very noticeable difference: it's 6 months wintersleep versus 6 months of life, so to speak.  

Life with a capital L

Summer in Andalusia, that is T-shirts and flip flops, barbecues and fiestas. Summer means people coming together in the streets, cafés and around swimming pools. Summer stands for beach, concerts and excursions. 

What with the beach-and-pool culture of Andalusia, youngsters have been going to the gym for 2 months now. Summer wear has been prepared. 

Minds are opening and are slowly starting to think about planning that birthday party or barbeque. Energy is back! 

Sure, it's not a 6 month long beach party: the real heat only starts by the end of June. This makes that...

The months of April and May are for city tripping

For property viewing tripsfor walks and hiking, horse back riding and shopping: everything that takes energy.

The grand cities of Andalusia - Seville, Codoba and Granada - are located inland and that means it can be insufferably hot in the top summer months. 

So they are most popular in April and May, and again in October, when the weather is sunny and pleasant and doesn't make you want to sit in the shade and keep still. 

Sports? April and May are the word.

Or, greatest excursion of them all: just taking the car and cruising through Andalusia without any plan? April and May! 

June to September is for beach life

Or, in inland Andalusia, for a true swimming pool culture. 

Especially July and August are the peak of summer

The breeze coming in from over the sea and the healthy air makes everyone go to the beaches of the Costa del Sol. 

You don't like busy beaches? No worries. Andalusia has got something for everyone. just hop over the mountain range and in a matter of 15 minutes you are in a different world, a world of nature and tranquility, beautiful views and sleepy villages. 

And what about the natural beaches of the Costa de la Luz
From Tarifa and all the way up north you will find one calm, natural beach after the other, punctuated with campings and little beach bars for the hip surfer crowd coming from all over Europe.

Naturally, every month comes with its specifics. 

Together they are The Season, The Summer that half of all Spanish songs sing about, from La Macarena (set in Marbella) to Asèrejé (video made in a beach bar in Estepona).

We wish you a great summer! 

And for the part of the property viewing tripscontact us.

Friday, 20 March 2015

The Centre Pompidou now also in Malaga

One week still and the Centre Pompidou Malaga will opens its doors.

This will happen on March 28th, 2015. 
That's right on time for the Semana Santa and thus also for what we call The Season.
So far when someone said 'Centre Pompidou', we immediately thought of the world famous museum in Paris, one of the greatest homes of 20th century art. And now there will be subsidiary - where else than in Malaga, that city that just doesn't stop reinventing itself.
As in Paris, the construction is made of glass. You will find it right at the port of Malaga, which is both just a few steps away from the old city centre as from the Cruise Terminal.
Spread over 6300 square meters the Museum will boast a permanent collection of 20th century artists such as Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Dijkstra, Oursler, Magritte, Chagall, de Chirico and others.
Every 2 years the collection will be updated and in the mean time there will be 2 or 3 temporary expositions. 
The opening hours:
From 9:30 AM to 20:00 from Wednesday to Monday
The exception is from June 15 to September 15: then the hours are from 11:00 to 20:00.
The Centre Pompidou will be closed on Christmas and New Years Day.
For all information: 
Visit the official website: 
Malaga... the city that has a culture department that never sleeps.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Day dreaming about Andalusia

'Living as a god in France'. By now, very many know that you can best do this in Andalusia. 

The hills are higher, the people more open, the culture is all around you, the sea is nearby, the food is distinct and very affordable, and then there's Europe's most healthy air that is doing everyone so much good. 

And then those beautiful properties, so within reach of many a budget. Doesn't this make you dream?  Aren't you already planning where you would lodge visitors or how you would decorate the villa yourself? 

Whatever the most important personal reason, be it the beauty, the life expectancy, the flamenco, the culture… there are hundreds of thousands of 'Andalusia dreamers'. 

Some come back every summer, very many own a holiday property, and even more simply decided to move to Andalusia and very quickly become part of the local, large expat community - or of the local community in general. 

There isn't a village so small or there's an expat community of 50-100 people. Mainly Britons, followed by Dutch, Germans, and people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway… but usually every nationality is represented. 

And on top of anything else, there are those super bargains of the last year. Finding a townhouse for 20.000-40.000 Euro is no longer an exception. Simply keep an eye on our website and you will see what we mean. 

What was your reason to move to Andalusia? 

That will be the question in our Facebook page this month. 
And of course we will list the results here. 

Dreamer of Andalusia, thank you for visiting us and for all your valuable input. 
This blog exists thanks to you.
Never hesitate to let us know what you would be interested in to read about, or you would want us to investigate. 

Un saludo from inland Andalusia,