Saturday, 19 December 2015

Surprising uses for olive oil

Why is (good) olive oil the best Christmas present you could ever treat yourself to? 

It's a beauty product

It makes your hair shine
Just a tiny drop in the palm of your hand - gives you a very long lasting wet look. 

You can use it as hair conditioner
20 minutes and rince. 

Skin moisturizer 
20 minutes and since with plenty of hot water. 

Clear up acne

Make a paste of mixing 4 teaspoons salt with 3 tablespoons olive oil. Apply it to your face and leave it for 2 minutes. Apply daily for 1 week. Mind: this is the one use we haven't tested ourselves - it seems that some swear by it though. 

(But obviously the real and long term 'beauty advantages' of olive oil sit in its nutrients and the healthy diet that goes with it: beauty, as they say, comes from within, not from what you apply on your facade from the outside). 

It prevents hangovers

Going out and pretty sure you might drink too much? Then have a teaspoon of Virgin Extra half an hour beforehand. 
Then again, if you've become very Andalusian, you know that 'soakage' is the very best way to prevent being drunk - sip, tapa, sip, tapa, drink, a portion… one of the reasons why Spaniards hold their liquor so well. 

Every day use… all day long  

Shining leather shoes
Well, you will still have to shine them with a brush. Or buff onto your leather shoes with a cloth. Bye bye forever to potentially toxic    

Rejuvenate wooden furniture
Just very common and cheap olive oil will do. Mind: aceite is so oily that you better never use more than a small drop. 

Ease stuck zippers, fix squeaky doors, use it as aftershave,… everyone has got their own olive oil tricks. We didn't try or test them all - but with what we tested, it's for sure none of it would surprise us in the least. 

And at the very same you support the local industry in Jaen or Cordoba, help reducing the carbon footprint by skipping the mass transport of the olive oil that is stocked in supermarkets… and last but not least, your health will be grateful to you. 

The original mediterranean diet is the best 'social security' you can subscribe to. 

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