Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween in Andalucia!

October 31st is almost there, so be prepared for Halloween!  

Er, Halloween… in Andalucia

Isn't this a typical Gaelic and American tradition? That doesn't catch on in many European countries, or just half heartedly? 

It's time for a secret: the Spanish, and especially the Andalucians, just LOVE a party. 

And that's a love with a capital L. Any reason to be surrounded by people, any reason for music or dancing or just atmosphere, is a good reason. 

"You live to work, we work to live". That might be the anthem of Andalucia. It's a miracle we've not incorporated most Chinese or Arab festivities yet. 

So, yes, this Friday the 31st of October, many an inland village (if not all) will go bezerk. 

Later in the afternoon, groups of children will conquer any town centre, usually (but now always) under the supervision of a few adults. Expect quite a lot of banging on your door to be demanded for candy. 

And the squares of the small towns will be filled with parents - some of whom dare to dress up now - trying to get away from the noise of it all, with a good glass of wine. 

Where ever you are in Andalucia… you will notice! 

So you too might as well come down to the town centre, and have a great, spooky winter evening… be it in agreeable temperatures. 


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