Thursday, 18 September 2014

The beauty of October in Andalucia

Are you visiting Andalucia in October? 

An excellent idea. No month can be so pleasant as this one. 

Every year millions of visitors land in one of the main airports of Andalucia, mainly in Málaga airport with Seville as a more distant second. 

Most of them do so in the summer months. Whereas those who live in Andalucia would probably say: "Come in October".

For here we are in the outskirts of summer. The heat is gone and the sun becomes bearable, agreable. You can walk around in T-shirt and shorts, without sweating or carrying your sun-block with you or waiting for the sun to set before you decide to go out.

Little wonder this is the season of city-trips. Exploring Seville, Cordoba, Granada or Ronda becomes more relaxing than exhausting. And then, obviously, there's that great luxury of having beaches to yourself, rather hearing the sound of waves than of noise.

Somewhere around November the temperature of the air tends to sink below the temperature of the sea water, and this creates a sort of own, regional 'El Niño' effect, often resulting in heavy rains or the chilly and grey days as anywhere else in Europe.

Before that time though, it's Indian Summer, a time to breathe and relax, until the sun goes down in a golden light.

Fancying a city trip in October?
Longing to hike in green valleys or rocky ones for that matter? 

'Otoño' or autumn is your season! 

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