Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Top 3 festivities in Andalucia

When you live in Andalucia you know: at any given day there's a 'fiesta' somewhere.

Here's the Top 3 of Andalucia-wide celebrations that are also interesting for the incidental visitor. The Real Musts so to speak, that do not just make you visit Andalucia, but live it. 

Real dates to block. When their dates approach, we will tell more about them in detail. 

1. SEMANA SANTA - March 29th through to April 6, 2015

That one week that turns Andalucia crazy. From Sunday to Sunday there are processions in even the tiniest village, turning any city or town centre into a magical environment. Those evenings are most spectacular in the big cities, with Seville and Málaga leading the way.

You are mighty lucky if you happen to have a hotel room in the centre of a big city that week. 

2. THE NIGHT OF SAN JUAN - The night of June 23rd, 2015

That crazy night, summarizing Spain with its colours, vibrant life and surrealism. When you are in Andalucia on June 23rd, head to the nearest beach in the evening! Bonfires, atmosphere, people walking in or diving into the sea. 

An evening not to be missed. Where ever you are in Andalucia, ask the locals for the nearest San Juan beach, site or campsite.

3. VIRGEN DEL CARMEN - Afternoon and evening of July 16th

On the evening of July 16th all coastal towns and cities celebrate the patron saint of the fishermen. It takes the shape of a procession that does not only end near the sea, but in the water. It's one of these spectacles that make people associate Andalucia with colour, music and the sheer pleasure of being alive.

A beautiful, traditional afternoon and evening, that is an agreable experience everywhere along the coast, with Estepona as the town with the most spectacular decoration (fireworks during the procession).

We know we're early... so you won't miss those 3.

Never hesitate to tell about your experiences here below.

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