Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Jamón Serrano? Jamón Iberico? Pata Negra?

Always a winner, at every party or reception: Jamón Serrano. 

But what's the difference with that Jamón Iberico we so often hear about? Or the famous Pata Negra? 

In fact it's simple: the difference sits in the color of the pig:

Serrano ham comes from the typical white pig. And Iberian ham from the black pig with the black hooves. Hence: 'pata negra' or black paw. 

The latter is much more expensive, and thus has a reputation of being a delicacy. 

The first one is the more popular ham you will find in every bar, at every family gathering and fiesta. 'Inexpensive'... but impossible not to touch. 

Jamón Iberico derives its name from the black pig that lives in both countries of the Iberian peninsula: the west and south west of Spain as well as in south and central Portugal. 

Jamón serrano then means 'ham from the sierra'. Ergo: Mountain Ham. 

Both: finger licking good! 

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